Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The last email?!? Dec 20, 2012

Well, seeing as I will be seeing my family on skype next tuesday, I can't imagine I will have anything more to say the day after. Even more so seeing how soon afterwards I will be home. BUT we'll see.
This week really has been awesome but I will apologize in advance, because right now, I am super tired! So bear with me!
So. This week we had the Branch Christmas party. It was super awesome! There was some fiasco-ness in setting up and cleaning up, but it was good. We were kind of the life of the party, seeing as we dressed up as Babbi Natale ( Santa Clause(s) ), so that was pretty awesome. I just realized I don't have any other adjectives in my vocabulary other than "awesome". Is that a problem?
We went caroling!!! AND! After everyone telling us it wasn't going to work, that it's different in Italy, it's not like in America, people will laugh, and after all the negativity, it was awesome. My hands are very cold though. I may actually be risking frostbite. (That was an extreme exaggeration btw, no actual dangers are involved). But yeah, it worked! We didn't have too much time, but in the time we were out there several people stopped to see what our poster said, and then eventually one lady stopped and took a picture, and stood there for a couple of seconds, so we stopped singing and asked her what she thought. Next thing we knew she was asking to sit down and we were engaged in a 30 min conversation about the gospel. In the end, she wasn't very interested, but we're going back out tomorrow and saturday with high hopes!
Venice was awesome!
haha, I don't know what else to add to that. You kinda just have to see it. I took plenty of pictures, so that may help.
Also, two of our investigators are making huge leaps of progress!!! They're very busy people, but they are always talking to each other about our church, and discussing different principles. The part that made me even more excited, was on tuesday at our lesson when she was telling us about her reading of the Book of Mormon, she said that she just "feels more and more like this is the right church". Man, they're awesome!!
well.... 9 days? yup. Thanks for all of the continued support! I love you all!

Anziano Bushman
Christmas treats!
In Venezia
Me and my companion in Venezia
We were the life of the Branch Christmas party!
The Gorizia Branch Christmas party
We had some success talking to people as we sang Christmas Carols on the street.

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